Our mission

Hostel Suomenlinna organizes high-quality Camp Schools that support primary school targets in unique surroundings. Hostel offers accommodation and other services for individual guests and groups in order to finance the Camp School activity.

Location in a Unesco World Heritage site, in the beautiful Finnish archipelago just 15 minutes from the city center creates frames for unique experiences. It is easy, safe, affordable and reliable for teachers to organize Camp Schools in Hostel Suomenlinna. All services and activities are based on the values and strategic goals of Finnish Camp School association and they are developed continually.

The vision of Hostel Suomenlinna is to be financially, ecologically and socially sustainable and to be a trusted and respected organization.

values ​​behind our operations

Individual and equal
Hostel Suomenlinna is a safe and discrimination free zone. Guests are encoutered
andserved as equal individuals. No form of discrimination is accepted.

Guest oriantated
Wishes and needs of guests are heard and answered individually without too strict
policies. Guest feedback is the basis for continuous development of operations.

Flexible and laid back
Enjoyment and a good guest experience are provided by a happy and flexible staff.
Creating a laid back atmosphere is an important element in Hostel Suomenlinna.

Sustainability is the basis of our operations. We aim for and measure concrete results 
environmentally, socio-culturally, and economically. Our Sustainable travel Development Plan
is updated annually. 

Finnish Camp School Association

Hostel Suomenlinna is run by the Finnish camp school Association.
The Association implements and develops Camp School activities and other outdoor education.
The Vision is that every child takes part in a Camp School during primary school regardless of wealth.

- Development of outdoor education and Camp School activities
- Informing about topical issues in the field. Publishment of "Camp School" -magazine and important news on web page
- Organizing education for teachers, members and youth work professionals
- Development of nordic cooperation. The association keeps close contact with its Nordic sister organizations
- Development of nationwide projects
- Work for sustainable development and enviromental education

By using our services you support the development of Camp schools. 

We're responsible

It is important for us to take care of our environment through our choices and practices. For us, sustainable development is more than just recycling - it is the basis for all activities. We pay attention to the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability in our daily choices. We follow our sustainable travel development plan and monitor the achievement of goals annually. We re proudly HI-Q&S sertified and a part of Sustainable Travel Finland Family.

Examples of our sustainable choices:
- We sort our garbage and enable it for our guests as well
- All our animal based food product are domestic and if possible organic
- We increase the proportion of vegetarian and vegan dishes in our groups meal services
- We only offer fair trade products if possible (coffee, tea, etc.)
- We require certification of responsibility from our partners
- We use renewable Eco-Energy certified by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation
- We have a paperless office and we print two-sided
- Our whole staff is involved in development and we emphasize teamwork
- We arrange recreation days regurarly and plan our work shifts equally
- We often offer jobs after an internship or civilian service. For us, every employee is valuable
- We cooperate with tourism operators in Suomenlinna regulary
- We offer environmental education and cultural heritage education in our camp school activities

LGBTQ+ friendly accommodation 

We are proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ friendly We Speak Gay -community. As members we are committed to treating all our guests, employees and partners with respect and equality. We want to create an atmosphere where all our guests feel they can be themselves as they are. Hostel Suomenlinna is a safe discrimination free zone, and we don`t accept any kind of degrading speech or behavior from anyone. To us, all colors of the rainbow are equal!